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Bird Feeding Basics
Choose a Bird Feeder - There are many different kinds of bird feeders on the market today, and many different choices of food to put in them. Which are best? The answer depends on the kinds of birds you want to attract. Choose Your Bird Seed - They are many assortments of bird seed. It really depends on the types of birds you want to attract. The most universal is sunflower seeds.
Pick a Location - Set up your feeders in a quiet place where they are easy to see and convenient to refill.
Maintenance - Cleaning your bird feeders regularly helps keep your backyard birds healthy.
The Wild Bird Shop Birdfeeding is more than a hobby; it’s a way to connect with the outdoors and help the natural environment around you. Birds are essential to a healthy eco-system, and birds’ population growth, decline and migration are key indicators of nature’s balance. The Wild Bird Shop offers a variety of bird supplies including bird seed, bird feeders, and hobby accessories. We specialize in providing the best possible products to the members in our community.